Learning Modules

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Customizable Just in Time, On the Job, as Needed, Training & Learning Modules

We have learned much from our years providing training and certification programs to organizations in Canada and around the world. More importantly, we have paid close attention to the needs of our clients and our members. Simply put, you've told us that you need training and learning programs which are less costly, more flexible, unique to the culture and learning needs or your organization, and which can be delivered where and when you need to learn.

Our Design Approach -  You customize the program to meet your organization's knowledge needs

We have designed our programs to be customizable by creating a series of stand alone learning modules, you can mix and match these modules according to your training and learning needs.

Our Instructional Approach - Learn while Doing

All of our programs mirror the mindsets, behaviors and approachs to problem solving tackled by top KM practitioners. We use an authentic approach to curriculum design where all actvities and examples are reflect authentic, real world challenges experienced by our customers,  clients and counterparts in the field,  over the last decade.

Without Theory - There is no Knowledge Advancement or Resulting Innovations

At the core of our programs is the Theory of Knowledge Building. The result of over 30 years of research into Expertise -  what makes certain people experts, while others with the similar backgrounds, education, who are doing the same job, remain only competent? Experience in the field has shown us that even the organizations which recognize the value of KM and that have established practices, fall short on the most critical element of KM - Knowledge Creation. Our programs are designed to encourge students to become creators of new knowledge, rather than simply consumers of old. Knowledge Building theory provides the foundation for understanding how experts learn and build new knowledge which results in excellence and innovation.


The goal of these modules is to create a common foundational understanding about Knowledge Management (KM) What it is, What it is not and Why it’s important.


Technologies of Use

The goal of these modules is to explore the role technology plays in supporting outcome based collaboration, knowledge creation, knowledge retention, transfer and translation.


KM Processes

These modules focus on proven KM best practices, which have been adopted by a large number of successful organizations.


Profiling the KM Expert

As KM is often perceived as a “new position” for many organizations, it is often difficult to hire, determine the right role and the right talent, especially if recruiters don’t know what to look for.


Culture - Building the Cultural Capacity for Innovation & Excellence

Building a long term, sustainable knowledge strategy, which delivers a tangible return on investment, requires a culture which sees and supports (by design) the value of knowledge capital and one where employees take collective responsibility for improving "what they do and how they do it".


Building the Knowledge Strategy

Recognizing that Knowledge is the “New Commodity” is the easy part. Even when an organization sees the importance of having a KM practice and in building a Knowledge Strategy they don’t know how or where to begin. This module takes participants through the recommended approach for launching your organization’s knowledge strategy.


Case Studies

We use examples from specific organizations to support all presentation topics. These case studies are from organizations we have worked with directly.